Why do I need a video platform?

A video platform is the foundation of your message. At Get Broadcasting we believe it’s about more than just having your video online, it’s about managing your content and your story.

The right video platform will optimize workflow, streamline media asset management and improve viewer engagement. Without the features of a good platform you couldn’t have any of the right analytics giving you information about audience and customers telling you vital insights around impressions, overall engagement, retainment and where viewers are watching from.

But what does it do for me?

Apart from giving you key information on who your audience is and how and when they watch, it also gives you the power to distribute speak directly to them and to target your audience with the right message at the right time and in the right way. The right video platform allows you to be on any screen with ease.

The future of business revolves around video and will one day be as widely used as e-mail. We are not quite there yet but we are getting much much closer. Organisations today are feeling the need to service their customers as well as their staff with relevant, useful and informative video content. How can an organisation sustainably create video after video without having somewhere secure, safe and easily accessed by both the content creators and the content viewers?

More and more, we here our clients say they want video in their customer support process, apart of their sales process, built into their on-boarding and training processes. This is done using the right video platform and content management system.

Video is not giving a business value if it’s not delivering the message faster to market with measurable improvements across core business metrics. To achieve that value – that speed and agility and those results — you have to have a platform-first approach. At Get Broadcasting we aim for companies to have complete freedom from any single video application, from any single video player, or any single CDN or storage environment. They need complete flexibility and control over every aspect of the video life cycle, from the low-level services, storage, compute, transcoding, and CDN layers of video management, all the way up to the end-user applications that make use of that video.

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