Why Video?

Video is persistently among the top tools that help drive business performance.

Online video consistently ranks among the top media for ROI (Return On Investment). 15% of consumers say that consume up to 3 hours of video a day.

At Get Broadcasting we understand that video is as adaptable as any other medium. Demo videos, brand campaigns, events, interviews, how-tos, explainer, animated stories. Whatever the use case there’s a video for it. The immediacy of a human face or voice telling the story of your brand, product or service. Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared than other content.

A misconception that online video is frivolous, where in fact marketers on Linkedin who have used video on the platform report as very lucrative in the purely enterprise and professional space. 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% in 2017

Make movement synonymous with your brand instead of just design and language. As Sophia Bernazzani writes, “Videos are hard to make – and it shows. The internet is populated with far too many slideshows and photos set to music that are masquerading as videos” So let us help you create more than a slideshow. That’s our business at Get Broadcasting.

Think about the upward mobility of the modern audience, the range of opportunity and smartphone ubiquity. If everyone is watching Youtube don’t you want to be one of the things they’re watching?  The value of a popular, or even viral, video on a brand is immeasurable.

Video is the key to increased understanding, sales, traffic, and dwell time (the time spent on your site, engaging with your content)

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