At Get Broadcasting we know there is nothing quite like a live experience, and live stream puts you in the driver’s seat. It is the way to truly make your video an event.

“Tune in for a *live* Q&A” has a much stronger pull than traditional calls to action for video content. Live stream might capture one specific moment, but the strategy surrounding it is long-term in nature. A successful video marketing campaign, especially social media-based livestreaming, has the potential to reach well beyond your network

In-the-moment involvement. There’s an excitement, maybe even a “what might go wrong” fascination. However done correctly it’s still a production that should reflect your values and ideals. sloppy or unplanned video could damage your brand and have a negative effect, so it’s important to get it right. It’s worth it to put pen to paper and brainstorm a bit beforehand.

That’s where we at Get Broadcasting come in. Maintaining consistency with the rest of your content is key and we can guarantee that’s what you will receive with us.

Live viewers will be engaged for longer which increases brand favourability across the board. The medium is exceedingly social with increased engagement and a imperative to share while it’s happening.

Search engines adore live videos because they are fresh, new and happening now. The are the epitome of relevancy. For as long as it’s live it is the “freshest”. Dwell time influences page ranking extremely favourably.

The abilities to interact with viewers immediately is unavailable in almost any other medium.

Extensive studies have shown that live streaming is hugely on the rise. Your company does not want to be left behind. So contact Get Broadcasting today. Facebook Live may be an option but it will do a disservice to the brand you value and may tarnish it in the public’s eye.

Mia Mendola (Red Door Interactive):The millennial generation has FOMO – the fear of missing out,” she says. “We want to ensure we tap into those audiences to give them an experience they can’t get themselves.

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