What is a video strategy?

A video strategy is what makes sure your investment in video sees results! Making video is simply not enough if there’s no clear plan for implementation.

Over 50% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, and that number is only growing. At Get Broadcasting we will craft the right strategy with you. For example, we could help you to find the questions your audience are asking, and answer these with simple how-to content that can be shared across your organisation and across social. Not only will you benefit from the enhanced SEO by creating videos about these how-to topics, but you will become the go-to expert on the topic and remembered by your audience.

Getting the most out of a strategy

Avoid using superficial metrics like view counts as the goal of your video. Having 100,000 thousand views on your video is great but if the goal was generating leads and you didn’t generate any then those 100,000 views don’t mean very much. With the right strategy, you can create the right content that your audience really cares about.

Preparing and crafting the right message and story is key when putting your brand out to the wide world and this is even more true when it comes to video. Social videos tend to be shorter and have the added difficulty of being (potentially) auto-played without sound. Is someone watching your video without being able to hear the audio and if so, will your video make any sense?

Be aware of research, industry trends, initiatives. At Get Broadcasting we follow the trends not the fads!

The don’ts

As important as it is to know what to do, just as important is what not to do. The idea of one-off videos is a trap. Engagement doesn’t happen once, it happens again and again. Don’t fall into the trap of “one size fits all” strategies! Youtube is a distribution channel, not a strategy. But don’t be obtuse! It’s great if your video is entertaining but if it doesn’t achieve what you set out for it to achieve then it’s wasted.

Be aware of audience alignment, video engagement data, your brand’s tone and needs, target demographic before engaging on your content journey. Research shows something needs to happen every nine seconds in order for the audience to stay interested!

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This post was written by Mark Burke