How to choose the right Video Software?

When it comes to video software technology you could spend a lot of time scratching your head. You’ll need to consider the IT challenges of your network, the type of content – VoD or live stream, how it will be captured, how it will be played, how secure it needs be and how it will be managed, archived and destroyed. We offer our expertise to find a scalable video management platform solution for our clients. Talk to us today we are happy to help.

Case study

The brief

With almost 100,000 employees at over 100 locations around the globe, Vodafone is the world’s second largest mobile telecommunications company. With that many global branches, they were looking for a way to give different business areas the ability to share what they are doing at a local level with a wider audience without relying on lengthy documents.

Our solution

Vodafone has been able to engage audiences around the world as well as give remote teams the ability to share what they’re doing with a companywide audience. In addition, they consolidated their efforts using a single video platform instead of solutions that varied from office to office and even team to team. This gives every Vodafone employee the tools they need to collaborate with anyone else on the Vodafone network using video.


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