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Aviva were looking to showcase an online digital platform they offer to their clients and customers and wanted to show this through animation.

We developed a clear message and told it using all of our in house resources from script writer, designers, animators and video editors as well as enlisting the skills of voice over artists and recording engineers. Aviva

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Today FM Rebrand

Animation 3D

We developed an animation that spanned the history of Today FM through the voices and sounds we have heard through the decades on the station and created a landscape for those sounds.

Using 3D animation and motion graphics we were able to showcase the history of Today FM.

Created to re-launch the Today FM’s new logo. Today FM Rebrand

Musgrave Group

Live Action

Working with the Musgrave Group communications team we created a video that tells the story of Musgrave Group and brings their brand to the forefront of what they do.

Musgrave Group are behind such great brands as Supervalu, Centra, Mace and Chipmongers. Musgrave Group

TV Advert

Motion Graphics

Taking elements from the top stories that will run in the newspaper each week, we take these and create a made for TV advert using motion graphics and video editing along with a voice over and music. TV Advert

Smart Home

Motion Graphics

Aviva created a 2 story building in the foyer of their head offices in Dublin in order to showcase their recent partnerships with smart home companies.

Using a blend of live action and motion graphics we were able to bring to life the building and highlight its innovations. Smart Home